the first one, superficial, changeable, unique in everybody, is the one with which we relate to the others and to each situation, depending on the case. And it’s essentially the one with which we show ourselves to the world. The second one, deeper, static, never changing, the same for everyone. In this lies all what we generally do not want to show of ourselves for failure, or fear or shame. Searching for images that metaphorically show the content and impress them on a canvas is the purpose of this painting. A purpose generated by the need to externalize a message, to understand and to make others understand that maybe no one is, deep down, different from others. For this reason it may be that those who observe these paintings should review a situation that he already lived, an emotion that he keeps hidden in depth. He may have the feeling of looking in a mirror that doesn’t reflect his image, but his soul.

In this website you can see the most important and significant works by the artist signed since the year 1994. All the works painted in the first thirty years of activity are not present, except for some belonging to the monochromatic period, present information purposes only. It is from these latter, in fact, can be traced back the start of the introspective author painting. All the works in landscape and still life theme too have been deliberately omitted , works that the author always painted and sometime continues to paint in the meantime from a large canvas and the other. These are smaller works, sometimes very small, painted particularly from the early 70s until the beginning of the current century.